Mosjøen - The city in the middle of Norway

Mosjøen is the 'town in the middle of Norway', and has around 10,000 inhabitants (about 13,400 in the municipality as a whole). Mosjøen is Helgeland's oldest town, famous for its music and culture, with numerous concerts and performances held throughout the year. The pride of the town is Sjøgata, in the old area that dates back to the 19th century.



zip-line-mosjoenThis summer, a new tourist attraction in Mosjøen opened. From Øyfjellet and down to the center of Mosjøen you can now can fly across over the river named Vefsna in the new double zip-line. This double zip-line allows  you and a friend can fly across the river in 80 kilometers per hour. A nice walk for 15 minutes takes you to the registration of the Zip-line and from there they drive you in a car until the foot of the mountain. See more about Zip-line and more on Naturlige Helgeland´s website  The site have more information in Norwegian language



Bystranda i MosjøenBystranda in Mosjøen.
The beach is built with shellsand decked with palm trees of different sizes. If you visit Hotel Mosjøen during the summer, you can easily go to Bystranda. The walk takes about 10 minutes. On a hot and nice summer day you can quickly get a feeling of Spain or other southern countries. See more on city beach's facebook page.




Sjøgata, in the centre of Mosjøen, is in an area where history is still alive today. The old, 19th century buildings are well preserved, forming a colourful backdrop to the little town's vibrant urban life. A stroll

around this area will reveal architectural gems and beautifully preserved buildings. The Sjøgata area, represented by Kulturverkstedet (the Culture Workshop) has been awarded the St. Olav’s Rose, the Norwegian Heritage Foundation’s mark of quality.



Helgeland Museum's own wharf, Jakobsenbrygga, is on Sjøgata. Exhibitions about the area's history are displayed here across three storeys. The museum also puts on a changing range of themed exhibitions and other events. You can buy handicrafts and books in the museum shop. A visit to the old Shell petrol station in the town centre is also a must.



In this distinctive multi-purpose building in Sjøgata, you can have a coffee, eat traditional food from Vefsn and admire work by well-known artists from Northern Norway. You can also buy artworks to take home with you. Every Friday throughout the year there are lunchtime concerts in Galleriet by professional and amateur local musicians. Don't miss a visit to the antiquarian bookshop in the 'back yard' of Kulturverkstedet.



This artist's studio is in a distinctive old building just beside Kulturverkstedet, at Sjøgata 26. Marit works with pictorial art and glass art, and has had numerous exhibitions as far afield as New York. The studio is open when the signboard is on the pavement outside.



Vefsn municipality's contribution to ArtscapeNordland is called 'TreEldar', and was created by the Icelandic artist HuldaHàkon. The stunning installation is made of lacquered stainless steel, and portrays three tongues of flame. You can see the sculptures in the riverside park just outside the town centre.



The beautiful town park in the centre of Mosjøen was created between 1900 and 1905, in a town that at the time had only a few residents. However, their belief in progress convinced the citizens and authorities of the town that the park would eventually become an important green space in a large urban area. History has proved them right, as a hundred years on, their park is still there, and has now been restored back to its original glory. The park has been awarded the Olav's Rose.



If you want to see Sjøgata from the other side of the river, we recommend a walk or a bike ride to Marsøra, along the lovely trail that runs along the foot of the Øyfjelletmountain. This gives you amazingly fine views of Sjøgata and the river Vefsna.



A short walk from the town centre takes you to the Folk Museum, a historic oasis in Mosjøen. It has several buildings and an extensive collection of artefacts that provide an excellent insight into 300 years of the building traditions and living conditions of the villages of Vefsn.



The church is Northern Norway's oldest octagonal cruciform church, and was built in 1735. It is beautifully finished, with a stunning interior. The church is dedicated to St Michael, and is situated in the Dolstad Folk Museum, just outside the town. Because the church is still in use, no guided tours are permitted inside, but you are welcome to take a look in, provided that it is open.



In the town centre, Anne Hege offers treatments including acupuncture, energy massages, cup massages, lymphatic drainage, moxibustion therapy and ear candling. Location: Skjervgata 4A.

Mosjøen also has some excellent cafés and restaurants, many of which serve wonderful meals in the form of local food. The town also has three hotels, a motel, guest house and campsite. There are also plenty of shops, whether you prefer shopping centres with 'everything' in one place, or would rather browse around tiny specialist shops with their exciting ranges of goods.